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Timing belt system reduces energy consumption (April 28, 2004)

Toronto, ON -- In response to the need for energy conservation, Goodyear Canada's Engineered Products Division is t...


April 28, 2004
By MRO Magazine

Toronto, ON — In response to the need for energy conservation, Goodyear Canada’s Engineered Products Division is touting its power-efficient synchronous drive belt and sprocket system.

“Conventional straight-tooth timing belts rob energy from a drive system when they slap into a metal sprocket and rub against flanges and V-belts tend to slip in sheaves, bleeding off energy in a transfer,” according to Brad Baber, marketing manager of industrial products for Goodyear Engineered Products Canada.

The Eagle Pd’s unique Helical Offset Tooth (HOT) design is self-tracking, which eliminates the need for sprocket flanges and the accompanying energy-robbing friction. “It has an impressive 98% power-efficiency rating, which is at least a 5% improvement over standard V-belts and pulleys,” said Baber. The HOT design also decreases vibration by 19%.

The system also lowers operating noise by up to 19 decibels on comparable straight-tooth equipment. It gradually rolls each angled belt tooth through a sprocket, virtually eliminating impact noise, vibration and the typical whine that is created when conventional belt teeth slap into sprockets, Baber said.


Goodyear HiBrex, a rubber compound, more than doubles Eagle Pd’s load-carrying capacity compared to similar-width conventional belts and resists shock loads, stretching and flex fatigue.

“Each energy saving action taken can help a company to save money and reduce energy consumption,” said Baber.

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