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Industrial engineers targetted in unique TV ad campaign

Cleveland, OH -- Parker Hannifin has launched its first-ever electronic advertising campaign. The ad series, headli...


December 26, 2003
By MRO Magazine

Cleveland, OH — Parker Hannifin has launched its first-ever electronic advertising campaign. The ad series, headlined “Engineers See the World Differently,” was launched in the summer on national cable television networks.

The spots are part of a global advertising campaign the company launched in January 2002, under the “Parker, Anything Possible” brand banner, covering the company’s $12-million annual expenditure in electronic and print advertising running in the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia.

The TV ads are a humorous nod to engineers as enablers of innovation, with three 30-second spots that point out how engineers are always focused on their work. To view the new ads and learn more about the products behind them, go to To access a pass-along electronic postcard featuring the spots and links to product information, go to

The campaign targets engineers who design, specify and use technology, a concept that was inspired by engineers from Parker and customers who participated in focus groups to develop the ads, said Lorrie Paul Crum, Parker’s vice-president of corporate communications. “In the focus groups, we realized that it’s because engineers can always be counted on to see things differently — to ask ‘why not?’ — that they make extraordinary things possible,” she said.


“We chose humour to make the ads memorable; not a common approach with engineers. Sure, they like technical specs, but they also have a passion for what they do. They joke about their families complaining that wherever they go, they become easily distracted with how things work. So we created ads they can relate to and laugh with, betting they’d build brand equity for Parker.”

The ads have aired in the U.S. on cable programming known to draw a business-to-business audience, including CNBC, History Channel and Discovery/TLC. “What’s unique about this campaign is that it uses television to reach an industrial audience, and it celebrates engineers as the unsung heroes of innovation,” Crum said. “Among the media engineers pay attention to, TV was an untapped opportunity. We were able to pinpoint a list of programs engineers invariably watch.”

“Parker has a very defined audience that is traditionally reached through industrial and engineering trade magazines,” said executive VP and creative director Greg Thomas of Brokaw, Parkers advertising agency. “But highly targeted cable programs like TLC’s Junkyard Wars and History Channel’s Modern Marvels give us an efficient way to engage that audience in a very memorable way.”

In a global market estimated at $50 billion, Parker products are used in a variety of motion and control applications, from air conditioning, to automation, to aircraft.