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Got a new idea for using plastic bearings? You could win five grand

East Providence, RI -- Residents of both Canada and the U.S. are eligible to win up to $5,000 for coming up with cr...


December 22, 2003
By MRO Magazine

East Providence, RI — Residents of both Canada and the U.S. are eligible to win up to $5,000 for coming up with creative and challenging applications using a plastic bearing in a contest sponsored by Manus of East Providence, R.I.

The contest is designed to promote new and original ways of implementing plastic bearings, as well as to promote awareness of the benefits of plastic bearings to a wider audience of potential users.

Applications can be submitted until Jan. 31, 2004. Three cash prizes, US$5,000, $2,500 and $1,000 will be awarded, along with a gold, silver or bronze Manus statue and a certificate of recognition. Winners will be announced at the National Design Engineering Show (NDES), held during National Manufacturing Week in Chicago, Ill., Feb. 23-26, 2004.

The Manus panel of judges includes Dr. Donna Meyer, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and applied materials, at the University of Rhode Island, David Roylance, associate professor of materials engineering, department of materials science and engineering, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Paul E. Teague, national editor for Design News, and Tom Miller, bearings business unit manager for Igus Inc, a developer of plastic bearings. The judges will decide which applications demonstrate the most creativity, technical advancement and economic impact.


To enter, participants must submit an application, a short description of how they are using plastic bearings, which bearing they are using and pictures or a design of the product. Participants should also detail what benefits, such as technical advancements, cost savings or increased life span, resulted from using plastic bearings. Any organization optimizing plastic plain bearings in new or existing applications may enter. Bearings must be all-plastic or plastic compound. Plastic-coated bearings will not be considered.

Plastic bearings have advanced significantly in the last 20 years. They enable engineers to enjoy the benefits of technically improving their application while at the same time reducing costs.

For further information on the contest or to request an application, visit or call 1-888-533-0639 ext. 147.