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Rodless cylinder market up 65% in Canada

Toronto, ON -- "When it comes to linear motion manufacturing, demand for rodless cylinder technology has increased...


October 24, 2003
By MRO Magazine

Toronto, ON — “When it comes to linear motion manufacturing, demand for rodless cylinder technology has increased in the Canadian market by 65 per cent compared to the same period last year,” says Howard Simmons, president, Harold Simmons Industrials Ltd.

While its name is a bit confusing, when it comes to applications, there’s no underestimating how much rodless cylinder technology is helping those in the automotive manufacturing, packaging, food production, pharmaceutical, bottling and electronics industries, especially this past year, he says.

“Rodless cylinder technology has been available for over two decades but we are now seeing increased growth and new niche markets develop as more industries discover how this technology can help them,” says Simmons.

Harold Simmons Industrials specializes in material dispensing and automated lubrication systems, fluid handling equipment, air operated pumps, pneumatic components and is the Canadian distributor for Hoerbiger-Origa Corporation, a manufacturer of rodless cylinder technology.


A rodless cylinder can be described as a self-contained linear actuator, or system, that uses compressed air. It mounts in any position and provides controlled, precise movements with integral support and guidance. “Rodless cylinders are also very space efficient,” says Simmons.

“We’re receiving more inquiries, especially from people in automotive, food production, bottling and pharmaceutical companies, who are concerned about cleanliness and contamination from lubricants,” Simmons says.

“We’re also seeing more interest from companies who operate paper mills, ceramics and spray booths where space is a premium and they require greater flexibility, continuous processing and manufacturing — rodless cylinder technology is evolving into a complete package including valves, accessories and controls for people on the plant floor.”

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