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Emerson to support local predictive and preventive maintenance through new network

Austin, TX --Emerson Process Management has formed North America's largest network of instrument and valve service...

Austin, TX –Emerson Process Management has formed North America’s largest network of instrument and valve service centres. The integrated network delivers predictive diagnostics and servicing of all makes of field devices, offering complete resolution of maintenance problems at a local level.

Built on Emerson’s service expertise of Fisher, Rosemount, Rosemount Analytical, and Micro Motion field devices, the network provides customers with a single contact for assistance across North America.

With over 50 locations in North America, employing more than 650 engineers and expert technicians using advanced diagnostic capabilities, the network is part of the company’s Instrument & Valve Services division.

“By combining the skills of hundreds of technicians through formation of a single, service-centric organization, our local operating centres help companies realize the vision of Asset Optimization,” said Denny Cahill, vice-president and general manager of the Instrument & Valve Services business of Emerson.


“Our field service practices, coupled with factory training and diagnostics technology, enable us to be problem solvers, not just repair technicians. Our personnel help clients plan and carry out proactive maintenance programs that deliver real cost savings through reduced maintenance spending, improved process availability, and higher productivity.”

Emerson’s PlantWeb architecture, a network of predictive intelligence, serves as the technology foundation for both Asset Optimization and process automation. Instrument & Valve Services, a key element of Asset Optimization, help customers extract the most value from PlantWeb products.

For further information regarding Instrument & Valve Services, call 1-800-654-7768, or log onto the Instrument & Valve Services website at