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Canadian engineering regulators to cooperate on discipline and enforcement

Toronto, ON -- Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), the licensing body for professional engineers in Ontario, has...


June 16, 2003
By MRO Magazine

Toronto, ON — Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), the licensing body for professional engineers in Ontario, has signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate with the other 11 Canadian provincial and territorial regulators of engineering and the engineering profession on discipline and enforcement activities.

“PEO licenses about 40 per cent of the professional engineers in Canada,” said Kim Allen, P.Eng., registrar and chief executive officer. “Since many individuals and firms offering services to the public operate in more than one province, it is important that the pubic have access to information about individuals or firms involved in illegal practice, or who have been disciplined, regardless of the provincial jurisdiction involved.”

Under recent changes to the Ontario Professional Engineers Act, information about PEO’s scheduled discipline proceedings is now publicly available on the PEO website.

Professional engineers must be licensed in each province and territory in which they operate because professional licensing in Canada is under provincial or territorial statute. However, Canadian engineering regulators have led the way in inter-association professional licensing. In 1999, the 12 engineering licensing bodies agreed that professional engineers licensed in any Canadian jurisdiction would be accepted for licensing in any other, as long as they have no past or pending disciplinary proceedings.


Under the most recent agreement, engineers will be required to meet substantially the same standards of conduct and practice wherever they practise in Canada, and investigations and legal action against those practising without appropriate licensing and authorization can be undertaken cooperatively in multiple jurisdictions.

Professional Engineers Ontario administers the Professional Engineers Act by licensing professional engineers, and setting standards for and regulating engineering in Ontario so that the public interest is served and protected. Rigorously educated, experienced, and committed to a Code of Ethics that puts the public interest first, licensed professional engineers can be identified by the P.Eng. after their names.