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Summer conference on marketing is aimed at electrical firms

Baltimore, MD -- Apr. 1, 2003 -- Electrical manufacturers, reps and distributors from North America will gather Aug...


April 1, 2003
By MRO Magazine

Baltimore, MD — Apr. 1, 2003 — Electrical manufacturers, reps and distributors from North America will gather Aug. 10-12, 2003, to learn how to enhance their ability to market their products and services.

Promoting a coordinated approach to marketing and sales in a turbulent marketplace will be the purpose of the 2003 North American Electrical Sales & Marketing Conference (NAESMC), to take place in Baltimore, MD. The theme of the conference is “Building the Dynamo: Coordinating Marketing & Sales.”

The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED), Electro Federation Canada, the Channel Marketing Group and BtB Marketing Communications are sponsoring the three-day conference.

“Our industry can benefit significantly by having a better understanding of the sales and marketing relationship along with stronger vendor and distributor support,” according Joe Huffman, vice-president of sales for Leviton Manufacturing. “A meeting such as this, with a thorough and focused agenda, will certainly provide the attendees with a much better understanding of the planning process.”


The focus of the conference will be to encourage sales and marketing professionals to think strategically in devising customer focused programs that get results. This year the conference is inviting industry sales executives to the conference.

For revenues to grow, sales and marketing need to work together to capitalize on opportunities and most effectively address customer needs. Research has shown that marketplace leaders are those companies who have identified ways to ensure that sales and marketing are well coordinated.

Topical workshops will enable manufacturers and distributors to share best practices on relevant sales and marketing challenges and to express the expectations that each has of the other. Manufacturers and distributors will present case studies to show the results that can be achieved when marketing and sales work together. The goal is to help distributors and manufacturers maximize the performance of their organizations by gaining the synergies that emanate from seamless coordination and interaction between sales and marketing, resulting in a marketplace dynamo.

Program highlights include:

Holden International, a leading sales consultancy, will discuss key elements of sales force effectiveness and how they lead to marketing programs that energize sales people, thereby driving sales success. From this session, participants will learn what it takes to field and manage a best in class sales organization

Lou Carbone, founder of Experience Engineering, will discuss the roles of marketing and sales in identifying what customers want and need at every step of the service process and how to capitalize on customers’ unspoken messages

Rob Hand, a 32-year veteran of the co-operative advertising and trade promotion industries, will discuss trends and best practices in co-op management, and coordinate a workshop where sales and marketing professionals will jointly develop a set of industry co-op marketing guidelines

Leading manufacturers and distributors will share their strategies managing sales and marketing from the top.

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