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Buzzword guide gives the lowdown on Ethernet terms

Ottawa, IL -- Feb. 20, 2003 -- B&B Electronics has introduced an "Ethernet Buzzword Guide" that reduces 76 technica...


February 20, 2003
By MRO Magazine
MRO Magazine

Ottawa, IL — Feb. 20, 2003 — B&B Electronics has introduced an “Ethernet Buzzword Guide” that reduces 76 technical terms and acronyms to simple, one-sentence definitions. It’s free for the asking.

Ethernet has a zillion buzzwords and plenty of strange abbreviations, acronyms and shorthand that’s annoying and confusing to everyone.

What does 10BASE-T mean? How about half- and full- duplex? What’s the difference between a switch and a router? A port and a socket? What does CSMA/CD stand for?

You’ll find answers to all these questions, with concise definitions for the most common Ethernet and TCP/IP terms, on this simple three-page guide.


Mike Fahrion, technical product manager at B&B, says, “I don’t know of any subject that has a worse case of acronym overload than Ethernet, but all those abbreviations are here to stay. Our staff needed a place to look them up and get a fast answer, so we wrote this guide.”

To receive a free copy of the Ethernet Buzzword Guide, email your street address to or call 815-433-5100 ext. 255.

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