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New videos on skilled industrial jobs aimed at students

Toronto, ON -- Jan. 15, 2003 -- The Yves Landry Foundation has created a partnership with Youth View Communications...


January 15, 2003
By MRO Magazine

Toronto, ON — Jan. 15, 2003 — The Yves Landry Foundation has created a partnership with Youth View Communications of Toronto, Ont. Youth View has produced a video/DVD series called Precision Decisions.

The venture provides a fresh look at manufacturing skilled trades and gives educators and students with an in-depth view of careers that are essential to the manufacturing industry in Canada.

Seven trade-specific careers are highlighted in the series:

– general machinist
– industrial welder
– mould maker
– industrial mechanical millwright
– pattern maker
– industrial electrician
– tool and die maker.


“The biggest challenge to encouraging young people to enter the skilled trades is the lack of exposure and encouragement at the elementary and high school levels to consider skilled trades and technology as rewarding and stimulating career options”, said Manon Bouchard, director, education and training initiatives, Yves Landry Foundation.

Founded in 1998, the Yves Landry Foundation was established to advance technological education and skills training in order to resolve the skilled labour shortages facing Canadian industries.

The Foundation is based on the vision of the late Yves Landry, chairman, president and CEO of Chrysler Canada Ltd. from 1990-1998. Its aim is “to forge an enlightened partnership between industry and education, train a world-class pool of skilled manufacturing workers, technicians, technologists and engineers, and secure technological advantage in a rapidly changing world.”

A portion of the proceeds of the sales of this series will be given to the Yves Landry Foundation.

The complete set (including seven skilled trades videos, a Blueprint video, a bonus music video and a user guide) is $325. Individual skilled trades videos are $45. The DVD, which contains all videos and a user guide, is $165.

For more information about the Precision Decisions video series, please contact Manon Bouchard at the Yves Landry Foundation by e-mail at, telephone 416-620-5464, ext. 236, 416-620-4220 or 416-406-0510. Orders also can be faxed to 416-406-5129 or sent by e-mail to