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Canadian tooling industry groups create new federation

Cambridge, ON -- Jan. 9, 2003 -- A new voice for the Canadian machine, tool, die and mould industry was created on...


January 9, 2003
By MRO Magazine

Cambridge, ON — Jan. 9, 2003 — A new voice for the Canadian machine, tool, die and mould industry was created on Dec. 11, 2002, in Cambridge, Ont., when the Canadian Association of Moldmakers (CAMM), the Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA), the Canadian Pattern-Modelmakers Association (CPMA) and the Mould Makers Council of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (MMC/CPIA) signed an agreement to form a new industry organization.

The creation of the Canadian Machine, Tool, Die and Mould Federation (CMTDMF) is expected to mark the beginning of a new era of cooperation and collaboration among the four founding industry associations.

The CMTDMF will be the voice for the Canadian tooling industry, and will align itself with other associations within the Canadian industrial infrastructure. Together, with a single, strong voice, the CMTDMF will address important, industry wide-issues.

Governed by a board of directors with proportional representation from CAMM, CTMA, CPMA and MMC/CPIA, the new federation is to be equally funded by these founding members and represent the collective interests of the industry.


The groups says the formation of the federation is a milestone for the four organizations and their members, as it will create a powerful, effective, single voice to act and speak on all of the major issues facing the machine, tool, die and mould industry today. CAMM, CTMA, CPMA and MMC/CPIA will continue to operate as individual organizations, while eliminating duplication of activities and cooperating in ways which maximize the benefits to their respective members.

Together, under the CMTDMF, the associations have more than 400 member companies nationwide and represent the majority of Canada’s $3.4 billion manufacturing output by this sector. This important Canadian industrial sector employs more than 27,000 people and exports over $1.9 billion worldwide.

Association representatives who signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form the federation are Ted Callighen (CAMM), Ed Glover (CTMA), Nick Durante (MMC/CPIA), Les Payne (CPMA), Horst Just (CTMA), Jamie Bowman (CTMA), Ed Regan (CAMM), Miguel Petrucci (MMC/CPIA) and Charmian Entine (MMC/CPIA).

For more information from any of the groups mentioned, use the contact information below:

Canadian Association of Moldmakers, Windsor, Ont., Patricia Papp, executive assistant, tel. 519-255-7863, website:

Canadian Tooling & Machining Association, Cambridge, Ont., Julie McFarlane, office manager, tel. 519-653-7265, website:

Canadian Pattern-Modelmakers Association, Cambridge, Ont., Julie McFarlane, office administrator, tel. 519-653-7265.

Mould Makers’ Council of CPIA, Mississauga, Ont., Charmian Entine, director, tel. (905-678-7405, website: