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Synchronous drive system in service for five years

Toronto, ON -- Jan. 2, 2003 -- A synchronous drive system has proven popular in forestry, packaging and manufacturi...

Health & Safety

January 2, 2003
By MRO Magazine

Toronto, ON — Jan. 2, 2003 — A synchronous drive system has proven popular in forestry, packaging and manufacturing industries since its introduction in 1997.

According to Brad Baber, marketing manager, industrial products for Goodyear Canada’s Engineered Products Division, Goodyear’s Eagle Pd drive system has become quite popular. “The system has been very well received. We have seen continuous growth and demand for both Eagle Pd belts and sprockets since the launch. A full service network has been established through Goodyear Authorized Distributors in Canada to support the system.

“Customer orders and testimonials are indications we continue to be on the right track providing ultra-quiet belt drive systems, especially for the forestry and manufacturing sectors.”

The Eagle Pd Drive System successfully meets Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations for noise. “This means companies can reduce costs to meet noise regulations in their respective workplace environments,” said Baber.


Here are some other features of the product line:

– Improved workplace conditions by reduction of drive noise by as much as 19 decibels versus competitive synchronous systems (based on laboratory testing)
– Eliminates extra costs associated with making sure drives meet OSHA regulations
– No noise dampers needed
– Self-tracking Eagle Pd sprockets eliminate need for flanges, thus reducing face width and weight
– Helical Offset Tooth design results in smooth tooth engagement, decreasing vibration by 19 per cent.

“These factors combine to reduce noise, maintenance and downtime which are key issues facing today’s maintenance and safety personnel on the plant floor,” said Baber.

For more details on Eagle Pd drive systems, contact Goodyear Customer Service at 888-275-4397.