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New software program supports lean maintenance practices

Waterloo, ON -- Nov. 7, 2002 -- Avexus Inc. of San Diego, Calif., a provider of software for the management and pe...

Waterloo, ON — Nov. 7, 2002 — Avexus Inc. of San Diego, Calif., a provider of software for the management and performance of aftermarket services operations, has entered into an agreement with RSS Solutions of Waterloo, Ont., a provider of advanced planning, scheduling, and production management software.

Avexus will offer RSS’ Resource Scheduling System as a value-added advanced planning and scheduling (APS) option for its Impresa aftermarket software solution.

“Avexus is committed to providing our customers with the most robust and comprehensive MRO solution on the market today, and this partnership with RSS underscores that dedication,” said Andrew Dumke, Avexus chairman and CEO. “Our ability to offer RSS’ advanced planning and scheduling technology not only extends the value of the Impresa solution, but also demonstrates our commitment to every aspect of successful aftermarket execution.”

Avexus’ Impresa software solution is a comprehensive process management solution consisting of a suite of integrated components that together provide execution, business intelligence and decision support functionality to maximize the business performance of services operations.


Offered as a standalone solution, or for use in conjunction with Impresa’s world-class aftermarket management capabilities, the private-label version of RSS will enable OEM and third-party aftermarket organizations to develop and support lean maintenance practices by dramatically improving the predictability and profitability of service operations.

Using RSS, aftermarket service providers can easily and effectively model shop layout and activity at a micro level using a highly intuitive graphical user interface with simple drag-and-drop operation.

This “virtual shop floor” view allows users to continuously monitor and optimize the health of a service organization by exposing wasteful practices. Additionally, RSS’ advanced planning and scheduling technology can factor ongoing improvement initiatives into the maintenance schedule and accurately predict the next area of focus for improvement and waste reduction. This forecasting brings a powerful and critical element to lean maintenance initiatives.

More specifically, RSS enables customers to:

* Further reduce costs by leveraging highly accurate and sophisticated projections to better manage resources, inventory and equipment on the shop floor

* Improve an organization’s ability to meet customer commitments by offering more predictable delivery dates for serviced items

* Drive more revenue by increasing the capacity to take on more services work through more sophisticated planning

* Deliver all services work with a higher degree of quality.

RSS Solutions can be reached on the web at For more information on Avexus, visit