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Canadian nominated to head IEC

Rosslyn, VA -- Sept. 6, 2002 -- The Standards Council of Canada has nominated Tony Flood as a candidate for the pre...


September 6, 2002
By MRO Magazine


Rosslyn, VA — Sept. 6, 2002 — The Standards Council of Canada has nominated Tony Flood as a candidate for the president of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for the term of 2005 to 2007.

Founded in 1906, the IEC publishes standards that are used as the basis for national standards in over 100 nations around the world and are used in preparing specifications in international trade.

If elected president, Flood would represent the commission with other international, regional, and national standards organizations. His overall responsibility would be to preside over council, the council board, and the executive committee, to ensure that IEC strategies are consistent with business strategies and that the commission would be capable to deal with challenges posed by new technologies in a rapidly changing, market-led, world economy.

A 1998 recipient of the Canadian Standards Association Award of Merit, Flood is retired but still actively represents the interests of the Canadian electroindustry. He serves as the vice-president of international standards for Electro Federation Canada and in 2001 he was elected president of Canena.


Flood is the president of the Canadian National Committee of IEC, the Canadian delegate to the IEC Standardization Management Board, a member of the IEC Asia Pacific Steering Group, and the IEC marketing committee.

“Because Canada is a relatively small but strong economy with an effective international standardization process,” explains Flood, “we are well aware of the differences that often exist between the needs of the larger economies and those of the smaller and developing economies. Canada is well positioned to bridge those differences and to help improve the timeliness and acceptability of IEC products.”

The SCC believes that a Tony Flood presidency would have an important symbolic value, as the last three IEC Presidents have hailed from the United States (1996-1998), Switzerland (1999-2001), and Japan (2002-2005). Establishing a tradition of rotating the presidency among the regions of the world would help to reinforce the IEC’s image as a truly international body.

NEMA, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, has endorsed the nomination. NEMA is the leading trade association in the United States representing the interests of electroindustry manufacturers. Founded in 1926 and headquartered near Washington, D.C., its 400 member companies manufacture products used in the generation, transmission and distribution, control, and end-use of electricity.