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New Brunswick skilled-trade camp for girls expands

Saint John, NB -- June 24, 2002 -- Two new Girls Exploring Trades and Technology (GETT) camps will be offered for a...


June 24, 2002
By MRO Magazine

Saint John, NB — June 24, 2002 — Two new Girls Exploring Trades and Technology (GETT) camps will be offered for a second year in a row in New Brunswick thanks to a local partnership and funding provided by the provincial Training and Employment Development department.

T&ED minister Norman McFarlane said the GETT camps will give 16 girls in Grades 7 and 8 a chance to learn more about the trade and technology fields. The camps were developed through a partnership between New Brunswick Community College-Saint John and New Brunswick Women in Trades and Technology. Based on the success of the same initiative last summer, T&ED will contribute nearly $1,000 per camper.

“The girls who went through the nine-day camps in the first year of the program were more aware of and open to considering careers in the trades and technologies,” McFarlane said. “In a participant survey completed last year, several of the girls made the comment that when it came to careers, they could be whatever they want. This statement is the best reflection of the philosophy of these events and points to their success. That’s why our department was pleased to fund and develop this initiative at our local college once again.”

This year the program has expanded to include exposure to more trade and technology areas in the College. In their explorations, the girls will learn to use hand and power tools, read blueprints, do some electrical wiring, try out computer-aided designing, experiment with auto body repair, check out under the hood of a car, and be introduced to machining. They will also develop carpentry skills as they build three projects they can take home with them.


In addition to meeting girls their own age, they will also be introduced to interesting women from a variety of non-traditional fields.

“The GETT camps are an excellent way for young girls to meet mentors and become aware of careers they may not have otherwise considered,” McFarlane said. The camps will run in two sessions during July.