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New report outlines government’s technology strategy

Ottawa, ON -- May 24, 2002 -- Investing in Excellence, 1996-2001, the Government of Canada's 2001 report on science...


May 24, 2002
By MRO Magazine

Ottawa, ON — May 24, 2002 — Investing in Excellence, 1996-2001, the Government of Canada’s 2001 report on science and technology released this week, provides a five-year retrospective on the implementation of the government’s science and technology strategy, Science and Technology for the New Century.

The fourth in a series of science and technology reports, it describes how new models of partnership and collaboration have been developed to enhance and expand the federal science capacity and bring together key players in science and technology, be they in government, universities or the private sector.

“Science and technology in the Government of Canada is an essential and integral part of the national innovation system,” said industry minister Allan Rock. “Over time, the roles and interaction of federal departments and agencies with our partners in the innovation system have evolved — and we must continue this progress. By being more innovative, we will strengthen our economy, which will, in turn, strengthen Canada’s social fabric.”

Investing in Excellence showcases the major science and technology achievements of science-based departments and agencies in the context of implementing the science and technology strategy. “The report is a collaborative effort of 21 science-based departments and agencies, and as such, is a prime example of federal partnership,” said Secretary of State Maurizio Bevilacqua (Science, Research and Development).


Science and Technology Data 2001 is being released with the report. This booklet provides wide-ranging statistical information on Canadian science and technology.

The reports are available online at

By Bill Roebuck, Editor