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NEMA releases standard for selection of motor control centres

Rosslyn, VA -- April 30, 2002 -- To simplify a user's selection and understanding of motor control centres, NEMA, t...


April 30, 2002
By MRO Magazine

Rosslyn, VA — April 30, 2002 — To simplify a user’s selection and understanding of motor control centres, NEMA, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, has released ICS 18-2001, Motor Control Centers.

A motor control centre is a floor-mounted assembly of one or more enclosed vertical sections typically having a horizontal common power bus and principally containing combination motor-control units.

“This standard — which was formerly Part 1 of ICS 3, Medium Voltage Controllers Rated 2001 to 7200 Volts AC — has been reaffirmed, reformatted, and its references have been updated,” said Ronald J. Fritsch, chairman of the motor control centers subcommittee. “The standard has been separated from ICS 3, Part 2 and 3 and is now published as its own documentICS 18.”

ICS 18 is now a stand-alone publication confined to defining the construction requirements for industrial control motor control centres and to providing recommendations for proper selection for use under normal or certain specific conditions.


Since any piece of industrial control equipment can be installed, operated, and maintained in such a manner that hazardous conditions may result, conformance with this publication does not by itself assure a safe installation. When, however, equipment conforming with these standards is properly selected and is installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code and properly maintained, the hazards to persons and property will be reduced.

ICS 18-2001 may be purchased for US$45.00 by contacting Global Engineering Documents at 303-397-7956, by fax at 303-397-2740, or on the Internet at It may be viewed on the Internet by visiting and clicking on Standards & Other Publications in the right column.

By Bill Roebuck