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Man fined for pretending to be a professional engineer

Whitby, ON -- Apr. 23, 2002 -- Robin S. Rice of Maple, Ont., was fined $56,250, including a Victim's Surcharge of $...


April 23, 2002
By MRO Magazine

Whitby, ON — Apr. 23, 2002 — Robin S. Rice of Maple, Ont., was fined $56,250, including a Victim’s Surcharge of $11,250, in the Whitby Provincial Court yesterday for misrepresenting himself as a professional engineer. Rice was placed on probation for one year and prohibited from using the titles: professional engineer, P.Eng., or structural engineer.

Under the Professional Engineers Act, a public protection statute, only those persons who are properly licensed by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) can practice professional engineering, offer and provide professional engineering services to the public, and use the term "professional engineer," the abbreviation "P.Eng.," or any variation that may lead to the belief that they are licensed to practice professional engineering. Rice is not and has never been licensed as a professional engineer in Ontario.

PEO was advised that Rice had misrepresented himself as a professional engineer on an employment application and in an interview with a prospective employer in the Pickering area. He was subsequently hired by the employer, which is involved in the civil contracting field. He was eventually terminated when errors were found in his work.

On that evidence, PEO obtained an Order in Superior Court on March 7, 2002, barring Rice from holding himself out as a professional engineer.


His Worship R.G. Harris convicted Rice of three breaches of the Professional Engineers Act and imposed the fine, after hearing submissions with respect to sentencing. PEO was represented by Jennifer Chalykoff. Rice also was convicted and fined on similar charges in the Richmond Hill Provincial Court on April 9, 2002. He did not attend either trial.

Robin S. Rice is not the same person as Robert James Rice, P.Eng., a fully licensed professional engineer in the Province of Ontario.

Professional Engineers Ontario administers the Professional Engineers Act by licensing professional engineers, and setting standards for and regulating professional engineering in Ontario so that the pubic interest is served and protected. Rigorously educated, experienced and committed to a Code of Ethics that puts the public interest first, licensed professional engineers can be identified by the designation P.Eng. after their names.