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New website content analysis program to benefit

Ottawa, ON -- Apr. 5, 2002 -- Watchfire Corp., a provider of website management software and services, has been sel...


April 5, 2002
By MRO Magazine

Ottawa, ON — Apr. 5, 2002 — Watchfire Corp., a provider of website management software and services, has been selected by Business Information Group (formerly part of Southam Publications and the publisher of Machinery & Equipment MRO and, to help protect the company’s brand by improving website content integrity and the online success of its customers.

Using Watchfire’s WebXM, will be able to identify issues that affect user experience, online risk and web operational costs. WebXM can automatically scan enterprise websites and report on-site management issues. By taking proactive measures during the web development lifecycle, Business Information Group expects to dramatically reduce the likelihood that visitors will find website errors and leave its site out of frustration.

“Our website traffic is increasing at a phenomenal rate,” said Ivan Ovesny, director IS, Business Information Group. “Given our target audience of business professionals, quality of experience and customer confidence is absolutely critical to our online growth. We are extremely impressed with the automated accessibility, privacy management and search optimization features in WebXM. We see the software as an important piece of our e-business strategy, particularly to help ensure a positive user experience and manage our online risk.”

Moreover, WebXM will also improve the web team’s productivity. “WebXM automates the manual processes that previously consumed a significant amount of my staff’s time and removes the need to hire more people,” added Ovesny. “They can now focus on advancing our online business instead of cumbersome maintenance and site upkeep.”


Business Information Group’s will use WebXM to perform site assessment to identify problems and encourage repeat traffic to the site. Faced with brand erosion issues such as links to objectionable content, privacy, accessibility and searchability issues, Business Information Group needed software to help manage and analyze the content of the entire website for the company. Despite limited IT resources, the company also needed a solution that could quickly and accurately determine a baseline of the health of its sites to better understand and prioritize website repairs and changes that are needed.

Business Information Group contains over 90 businesses servicing 17 different industries, one of which is As Canada’s largest trade magazine and business directory publisher, the company specializes in gathering and disseminating quality business-to-business information and providing its customers with critical information regarding industries, customers, suppliers and competitors.

Headquartered in Toronto, Business Information Group maintains offices in Montreal and Calgary. Further information about the company can be found online at or 1-800-668-2374. Further information on Watchfire can be found online at