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Repair service now covers bearings as small as 3″ dia

Canton, OH -- Feb. 27, 2002 -- The Timken Company is expanding its Industrial Services' repair capabilities to incl...

Canton, OH — Feb. 27, 2002 — The Timken Company is expanding its Industrial Services’ repair capabilities to include reclamation services on bearings between three and eight inches outside diameter (OD). Previously, repair services were considered uneconomical at sizes less than eight inches OD.

Expanding this size range allows more customers, primarily in the pellet mill, aggregate, and food processing industries, to benefit from the cost-saving services offered by Timken Industrial Services. It also allows established bearing repair customers in the steel and mining industries even more applications in which to take advantage of the service.

Bearing reclamation is a service in which bearings of smaller sizes are refurbished, typically in sets of 20 or more. The process begins with an initial inspection to determine the level of service required. Bearings that require more than a clean and polish are discarded. Serviceable bearings are disassembled, run through a proprietary polishing process, reassembled, and preserved. The reclaimed bearings are returned to the customer with a written report and one-year warranty.

Bearings can typically be reclaimed for between 20 and 70 per cent of the cost of a new bearing with typical lead-times less than two weeks. Bearing reclamation also eases the customer’s maintenance operations since they can be assured that high performance bearings are available when it is time to reassemble an overhauled machine. Machine up-time is maximized.


“The new reclamation service exemplifies our commitment to bringing cost-effective improvements to our customer’s bottom-line,” explains Roger Oberweiser, manager, business development — Timken Industrial Services. “This takes on an even greater level of importance today as companies work diligently to continuously extract savings from their operations. We understand this — and have expanded our capabilities to respond to this need.”

Timken Industrial Services works closely with customers’ plant engineers and maintenance personnel to define the precise combination of bearings and related products with integrated services to maximize productivity and extend the life of an entire mechanical powertrain. From the intense conditions found in rolling mills to continuously operating power plants, it offers solutions for a variety of industrial manufacturing settings.

By Bill Roebuck, Editor