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Mounting/dismounting of bearings made easier by Internet technology

Toronto, ON -- Jan. 29, 2002 -- A website giving detailed instructions for mounting and dismounting of all major SK...


January 29, 2002
By MRO Magazine

Toronto, ON — Jan. 29, 2002 — A website giving detailed instructions for mounting and dismounting of all major SKF bearing types has been launched by SKF, a producer of rolling bearings and bearing system solutions based in Gteborg, Sweden, and which has its Canadian headquarters in Toronto.

This new system makes it possible to have a set of the latest instructions whenever and wherever necessary as long as an Internet connection is available. This makes it also possible for remote locations and offshore applications to have fast and easy access via mobile or fixed computer links.

The website,, will be available on a temporary free-access basis until it is incorporated, later in the year, into a new SKF website that contains a broad and detailed library of SKF knowledge and application wizards. Access to the later SKF website will be fee-based.

The software to create the system was created by SKF and is unique, enabling the company to file for a patent.


The website is accessible via standard web browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) and delivers information and illustrations for individually specified bearings in one of eight languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese and Dutch).

After entering the designation for the bearing into a menu form and selecting the mounting/dismounting conditions, step-by-step instructions for that bearing are collected from a database and can be read on-screen or printed out. Care has been taken to organize the information so that a minimum number of pages is needed to describe the mounting and dismounting operations.

Specific data valid for the bearing selected can also be retrieved from the database or calculated on-line; e.g.; tightening angle, drive-up distance, basic lubrication recommendations, etc. All recommended mounting/dismounting tools, lubricants and other accessories, such as housings, will be highlighted and ‘linked’ to the database so that the detailed information on these tools and accessories are also made instantly available for on-screen reading or printing as additional sheets.

A dynamic web-based system makes it easier because the users only gets the information they need and they always have access to the latest information because technology updates are added in the web pages as they become available. That means users no longer need to check or chase after the ‘latest’ information, which could be the case with printed documentation.

The website is a response to customers’ needs. In a study, customers confirmed that they do not have access to all brochures and leaflets on all bearing types, and prefer to get the specific information they need when they need it. Furthermore, to have or carry all bearing catalogues around the workplace is heavy, bulky and generally inconvenient. In many applications the environmental conditions make handbooks dirty and sometimes difficult to keep clean, making reading difficult.

The Internet address;, will be printed on each bearing box so that operators or maintenance staff have a direct reminder of the website address at their workplace.