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Online electrics training program cuts travel costs for firm

Toronto, ON -- Jan. 12, 2002 -- With constraints on travel and a general concern for profitability, many companies...


January 12, 2002
By MRO Magazine

Toronto, ON — Jan. 12, 2002 — With constraints on travel and a general concern for profitability, many companies are turning to established Internet suppliers for online assistance. One such firm, Training Alternatives Inc. (TAI), recently created two custom learning sites for international corporations.

TAI has developed a self-directed Basic Electrics Course for field staff at ArvinMeritor in the U.S. The program provides instruction on issues ranging from Ohm’s Law through to finding electrical faults.

Another firm, ERF of the U.K., implemented a Sales Training Course that contains modules instructing dealers and field staff in product knowledge, product specifications, features and benefits as well as sales techniques.

ERF is one of Europe’s largest vehicle manufacturers while ArvinMeritor is a global automotive and commercial vehicle components industry leader.


For these two companies, whose staff is dispersed over a large area, there are considerable savings derived by eliminating the travel costs associated with conventional classroom training. As well, employees welcome online education, since it makes it possible to stay up-to-date without taking large blocks of time out of their already busy schedules.

TAI’s background and proprietary Flex School learning management systems fulfill broad training objectives. Online training goes further than conventional methods by adding opportunities for flexibility and review. The courses can be paced by the trainees to whatever their schedules allow, and the material is available for review whenever required. In addition, training goals can be accomplished from any geographic location.

“We believe that distance learning via the Internet is an integral part of the way we learn today and of training in the future,” says Trevor Jones, coordinator of the project within ERF.

For more information, contact Training Alternatives Inc. in Toronto at 416-598-1795 or e-mail

By Bill Roebuck, Editor