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Definitive reference book for repairing and maintaining dies is published

Dearborn, Mich. -- Dec. 7, 2001 -- The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) has published Die Maintenance Handb...

Dearborn, Mich. — Dec. 7, 2001 — The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) has published Die Maintenance Handbook, a compact, easily searchable guide on effective strategies for repairing and maintaining dies. Readers will learn how to avoid costly die repairs by implementing required tasks at scheduled times during the die maintenance process.

The handbook provides clear explanations on die operation basics, and prescribes the best maintenance procedures for each critical task, including never-before published maintenance tips. Other topics include valuable try-out techniques, the benefits of doing in-house repair work, the steps in resolving scheduling issues when accomplishing die maintenance, examples of welded die repairs, die standard models and how to apply them, and examples of cost accounting and stamping profit centres (the means of calculating cost-per-part).

Author David A. Smith is a world-renowned expert on press and die stamping remedies. Smith, who has also written the well-received books Quick Die Change and Fundamentals of Pressworking, is perhaps best known for his third edition of Die Design Handbook, the industry standard reference since 1955 on die design procedures. As the president and founder of Smith and Associates, Smith has over 40 years of hands-on experience as a diemaker, stamping engineer, and stamping process troubleshooter. He has an outstanding track record for solving stamping problems on all sizes and classes of projects.

The 410-page Die Maintenance Handbook, item number PI-2923, is available for US$89 ($75 for SME members). To order by phone, call SME Customer Service at 1-800-733-4763 during regular business hours.


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By Bill Roebuck, Editor