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Technology enhances remote mesurement of power line currents

Toronto, ON -- Dec. 5, 2001 -- New technology has been developed to enhance the remote measurement of current on po...


December 5, 2001
By MRO Magazine


Toronto, ON — Dec. 5, 2001 — New technology has been developed to enhance the remote measurement of current on power transmission lines in Canada thanks to financial help from Hydro One.

CHK Wireless Technologies Inc. of Denver, Colo., reports that through a funding grant from Hydro One, Canada’s largest electricity utility, it has developed new technology that greatly enhances its existing REMMIT patent, making it self-calibrating, stand-alone, and allowing it to connect transmission lines into CHK’s remote monitoring system now operating on distribution networks.

REMMIT stands for REMote Monitoring Instrument Transformer, an accurate method of measuring current. However unlike conventional current transformers (CTs), REMMIT sensors are mounted at a safe working distance from the conductors with no contact and no insulation, so the same REMMIT system is used for all conductor sizes, voltages and currents.

It provides a clean, low-maintenance digital measuring system. At 330kV, the REMMIT setup is about 30% of the cost of conventional post-type CTs.


The system has the potential to provide low-cost automation, metering, power quality monitoring and protection anywhere on transmission and distribution grids. Accuracy higher than conventional CTs is achieved through an iterative process, as the system can automatically assign algorithms to calculate the current, ignoring nearby conductors.

The goal of the system is to improve a utility’s reliability and quality of electricity supply.

CHK technologies can be linked to provide a complete network overview at the control room or over the Internet for any utility via radio, satellites, mobile or landline phones.

CHK has also become a GE Smallworld Business Partner to seamlessly integrate GLOMES with GE Smallworld’s control room GIS systems, currently used by many utilities worldwide.

For more information, visit, call 604-488-1111 or 1-800-499-0988, e-mail: CHK is based in Sydney, Australia and has offices in Denver, Colo.

By Bill Roebuck, Editor