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General Motors to increase its application of MRO software product

Bedford, Mass. -- Sept. 6, 2001 -- General Motors is expanding its commitment to MRO Software Inc.'s strategic mai...

Bedford, Mass. — Sept. 6, 2001 — General Motors is expanding its commitment to MRO Software Inc.’s strategic maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) solutions. General Motors uses the software to streamline its indirect materials procurement processes to reduce structural cost and improve equipment availability.

“Our shop floor personnel have benefited from Maximo, MRO Software’s enterprise asset maintenance (EAM) system, and see increasing benefit as we move forward together,” said Clif Triplett, global information officer for manufacturing at General Motors.

MRO Software is deployed in more than 120 General Motors’ sites worldwide, and serves as the North American EAM standard. Maximo enables General Motors to automate and track preventive maintenance routines, work order schedules, maintenance resources and indirect materials inventory.

It also is leveraging Maximo Extended Enterprise’s plant floor e-commerce tools, which are specifically designed to help organizations streamline their supply chain all the way from the machines that drive the bulk of MRO spending, to the supplier’s door. These tools will be deployed across more than 80 sites in North America.


“Maximo is currently driving the maintenance and repair on the demand portions of GM’s indirect material procurement, helping them gain maximum productivity out of their asset base at minimum cost,” said Chip Drapeau, president and CEO of MRO Software.

Based in Bedford, Mass. with over 1,000 employees, MRO Software markets its products through a direct sales force with sales offices throughout the United States, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, and the United Kingdom, combined with a network of international distributors. Further information can be found at