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Fall conference brings PT manufacturers and distributors together

Chicago, Ill. -- The Power Transmission Distributors Association's (PTDA) annual convention, to be held Oct. 4-6, 2...

Chicago, Ill. — The Power Transmission Distributors Association’s (PTDA) annual convention, to be held Oct. 4-6, 2001, at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, Ga., will outline strategies for continued success in the power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) distribution industry. (The convention is open to PTDA members only.)

Under the theme “Focus on Growth: Trends and Tools for Success,” the convention program will identify strategies and tactics to allow PT/MC distributors and manufacturers to position their companies for growth by diversifying into new markets, leveraging relationships with business partners and applying technology tools.

Other presentations in this year’s program include:

“End-Use Market Briefings”–A series of expert and customer briefings on high growth end-use markets for PT/MC products. Each session will combine an overview of the industry with a major customer’s perspective on technology trends. Topics will include a synopsis of the state of the North American industry–including industry size, participants, growth trends and drivers–as well as specifics on use of PT/MC products and factors affecting product application, specification and substitution.


“Improving Your Working Relationships”–Robert Nadeau, managing principal of the Industrial Performance Group, Inc. will present the results of research on the state of business relationships in the PT/MC industry. This session will evaluate both distributors’ and manufacturers’ satisfaction with their current relationships, identify sources of tension and propose strategies and tactics to address identified problems.

“Applying B2B Technology Tools”–In this panel session, PTDA distributor and manufacturer members will discuss their personal experiences in selecting and implementing business-to-business technology. Topics will include choosing appropriate technology for your business, determining appropriate levels of investment, working with channel partners and assessing expected return.

“Independent Distributor Forum: Finding the Money to Grow”–In this open forum for networking and brainstorming, a panel of PTDA distributor members will provide case studies of their tactics to find the resources to grow through acquisition, expansion, new markets or new technology. Joe Kunzon, vice-president and finance manager of Merrill Lynch Business Financial Services, will provide additional, “how-to” information. Topics will include identifying and approaching traditional and non-traditional sources of capital and leveraging supplier’s resources for growth.

“Attitude Equals Ability”–Motivational speaker Dan Clark will help attendees define the difference between who you are as opposed to what you do, while discussing how attitude, shared vision, mutual respect and support can help you lead, overcome obstacles, think clearly under pressure and excel.

The event also includes the Manufacturer-Distributor Idea Exchange (MD-IDEX) tabletop trade show.

For more information on attending the convention, contact PTDA at 312-876-9461 or visit