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TradeMC and Bruckner Supply relationship provides solution to maverick buying

Dallas, TX -- July 30, 2001 -- TradeMC, the sponsor of private, member-based networks for capital goods and related...


July 31, 2001
By MRO Magazine

Dallas, TX — July 30, 2001 — TradeMC, the sponsor of private, member-based networks for capital goods and related procurement systems, and Bruckner Supply Company, a provider of integrated supply solutions for facilities maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), have teamed up to integrate their procurement services and solutions to jointly deliver MRO solutions to TradeMC’s customers. Through the integration of their services and systems, TradeMC and Bruckner will be able to offer customers total indirect materials and service procurement, fulfillment, and supply chain management solutions.

“Through the collaboration of our companies, we are creating unique tools, offering buyers a turnkey procurement solution that increases the efficiency of procurement operations,” said John L. Hopkins, president and CEO of TradeMC. “Our systems and supplier relationships reduce the cost of procurement administration, reduce the cost of capital goods and MRO goods and services, and shorten delivery schedules. At the same time, TradeMC’s solutions secure compliance with the customer’s business rules so as to eliminate maverick buying.”

TradeMC operates an Internet-accessible procurement system based on the Atlas Commerce Metaprise platform. TradeMC’s customers can process requests for information (RFIs), requests for quotation (RFQs) and purchase orders, conduct auctions, exchange design information (including on-line revisions) and otherwise collaborate with more than 100 world-class suppliers of engineered capital goods such as steel, pipe, valves, pumps, vessels, electrical bulks, transformers, control systems, and mechanical equipment.

The TradeMC system generally permits buyers and sellers to define who has access to specific transactional data, allows buyers to establish business rules, such as approval hierarchies, and lets suppliers customize buyer specific price lists.


TradeMC’s alliance with Bruckner brings experience and strategic relationships in integrated supply solutions for the procurement and management of indirect materials and services currently delivered to major corporations in North America and Europe, and directly representing more than 3,500 multi-commodity manufacturers and 30,000 OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). TradeMC’s customers can benefit through savings and process efficiencies in MRO and indirect purchasing in addition to capital goods, turning their purchasing processes into a strategic competitive advantage.

“Now, a customer accessing the TradeMC portal will be able to use TradeMC’s automated system to procure engineered capital goods during the construction of capital facilities and then to order and maintain an appropriate inventory of supplies and parts necessary to repair, maintain, and operate those facilities on an ongoing basis,” said Eric Hillenbrand, senior vice-president, account management for TradeMC.

“The integration of our systems allows customers to adopt a single, leading-edge procurement system for all their non-production procurement requirements,” said Robert Rosenbaum, president of Bruckner Supply Company. “We believe our integrated solution, which is accessed over the web, is unique in simultaneously providing customers extremely low up-front costs and a maximum potential for savings, both in terms of price and total operating cost.”

“Often companies seeking to implement leading procurement systems pay millions of dollars in software licensing, IT consulting, and systems costs only to realize that they must then incur substantial additional costs engaged in sourcing and enabling suppliers onto their system,” said Ray Barnard, senior vice-president of operations for TradeMC. “By selecting TradeMC’s solution, a customer can avoid those costs and quickly realize the savings available through procurement automation and strategic sourcing.”

Through their substantial supplier networks and their combined staff of 70 capital goods procurement experts and more than 100 expert buyers of MRO goods and services, TradeMC and Bruckner are able to reduce inefficiencies in the supply chain and help companies secure capital goods and MRO goods on a price-advantaged basis. This expert staff also supports tactical or spot buys for customers with unique or unanticipated requirements.<br?