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Siemens to complete integration of Moore Process Automation with forthcoming name change

Mississauga, ON -- July 19, 2001 -- Effective August 1, 2001, Siemens Moore Process Automation will be known as Sie...

Mississauga, ON — July 19, 2001 — Effective August 1, 2001, Siemens Moore Process Automation will be known as Siemens Process Automation. The change reflects the integration of the Canadian operations of Moore Process Automation into the similar operations of Siemens Canada.

Since the purchase of Moore by Siemens last year, the two companies have worked to create a single operating unit. The new name marks the completion of the integration effort.

“Our integration with Siemens has been very effective,” said Andre Dagenais, newly appointed Siemens vice-president, process automation. “With systems for batch and plant-wide automation, critical control applications, and unit and area control applications, we have become the only automation supplier in Canada able to offer a complete expanse of system scope while maintaining functional integration. We have achieved this by combining Siemens and Moore products.”

Previously, Dagenais was vice-president and general manager of the Canadian operations of Siemens Moore Process Automation.

“One of our first tasks was to transfer responsibility for Canadian sales of the Siemens PCS7 process control system into our unit and to offer this with the established Moore process automation and control products,” he added.

The new unit will offer the full resources of Siemens process technology. Its PCS7 product is designed to automate mainstream, upstream and downstream processes, making plant-wide integration of all processes within a plant environment possible. The Moore-developed APACS+ process automation system is the only NT-based system to unify distributed control (DCS) and programmable logic control (PLC) technology in an integrated open environment.

Moore QUADLOG Safety blends the safety and reliability of triple modular redundant (TMR) technology with PLC technology. In addition, its Procidia Internet Control System (ICS) combines the power of DCS with the simplicity of a loop controller at the cost of a PLC for unit and area control needs.

As part of the change, later this year the Siemens Process Automation executive and marketing staff will re-locate from the Moore headquarters in Brampton to the Siemens Canada corporate head office in Mississauga. As well, the unit’s engineering and manufacturing staff will co-locate with similar Siemens resources in Burlington, Ont.

“It has been a year of considerable change for our operation,” said Dagenais. “One of the most significant has been the resources we have now available to us through Siemens and the ability this has given us to meet an ever-growing range of customer needs.”