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Basic Technologies becomes Bosch Rexroth Canada

Burlington, ON -- Basic Technologies Corp. has been acquired by one of the companies for which it distributes produ...


June 27, 2001
By MRO Magazine

Burlington, ON — Basic Technologies Corp. has been acquired by one of the companies for which it distributes products. Rexroth has increased its ownership position in Basic Technologies from a minority position, which it has held since 1996, to that of majority shareholder.

Basic Technologies was founded in 1961 and has represented the Rexroth drive and control program (hydraulics, pneumatics, gearboxes, electrical servo drives, and linear bearings) in Canada since 1966. The company reported over $100 million in sales in 2000. Basic has 340 employees, based throughout three business units (in Burlington and Welland, Ont.) and many regional centres and offices throughout Canada and the northeastern United States.

Last year, Robert Bosch GmbH announced its intent to merge its Automation Technology unit (Bosch AT) with Rexroth , previously owned by Mannesmann AG. Bosch AT was a major international supplier of hydraulics, pneumatics, and other factory automation products. The merger was to take place once the sale and disposition of Mannesmann AG’s engineering and automotive companies had been completed.

International authorities granted approval for the merger in April 2001. The newly formed company — Bosch Rexroth AG — commenced operations May 1, 2001. In response to the merger, Basic Technologies Corp. has changed its company name to Bosch Rexroth Canada Corp.


Based on the results achieved by the separate companies in 2000, Bosch Rexroth AG plans to achieve sales of C$5.48 billion worldwide, with 26,000 employees. The business will be arranged into the six sectors: Industrial Hydraulics, Electric Drives and Controls, Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies, Pneumatics, Service Automation and Mobile Hydraulics. The brand name selected for the new enterprise is Rexroth — Bosch Group.

Before the merger, Bosch AT products in Canada were sold directly from a number of Bosch AT facilities located in the U.S., as well as a number of selected distributors. The Rexroth program was supported through the Basic Technologies network, as well as through selected distributors in certain markets. Customers of each of the product programs (formerly Bosch AT and Rexroth ) will continue to be served through the sales channels and distributors that had been established before the merger.

The company says it expects no interruption to the supply of its products and services to its customers as a result of the merger, nor a change in its business practices with its other business partners.