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Placer Dome mine in Timmins implements Internet-based maintenance program

Toronto, ON, March 22, 2001 -- NRX.Global Corp., a B2B software and business solutions provider focused on the indu...

Toronto, ON, March 22, 2001 — NRX.Global Corp., a B2B software and business solutions provider focused on the industrial maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) market, has announced implementation of its Industrial MRO Solution with Placer Dome Canada, a subsidiary of Placer Dome Inc., at Placer’s Dome Mine in Timmins, Ont.

The Industrial MRO Solution is an information management and delivery solution that enhances the ability of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their dealers to service customers and helps equipment operators increase utilization of their capital equipment. It is intended to be able to fill a significant content gap in the industrial MRO market by creating a direct link from the OEM’s engineering and maintenance information to the dealer network and the mechanic’s workbench through the Internet.

It is estimated that approximately 30 per cent of a mine’s budget is spent on maintenance and as much as 25 per cent of a mechanic’s day is spent sourcing spare parts for repair of mobile and plant equipment due to the complexity of the workflow for the procurement process. When equipment breaks down, the inability to find the part means lost production.

Placer’s Dome Mine has been selected as the first site for implementation of the NRX solution. Dome Mine management believe that it will increase equipment uptime through close collaboration with the mine’s strategic vendors. Discussions are currently underway with strategic OEM partners for the initiative.


Chuck Hennessey, plant superintendent at the Dome Mine, said “We see an opportunity for huge efficiency gains within the portion of our work process that deals with spare parts procurement.

“Equipment availability is a joint goal for the OEM and the operator,” said Hennessey. “We are both guardians of the availability. For a mine, an extra two per cent availability in equipment means two per cent more gold at the end of the day. For an OEM, you build your name and your business around the performance of your equipment.”

Paul Gray, NRX CEO, said “The Industrial MRO Solution builds on an industry need to improve asset utilization and a market trend towards Internet-based services to fill a critical information gap in Industrial MRO e-procurement. There is a need for highly technical electronic content to help industry quickly source and requisition spare parts for repair of equipment that is vital to industrial production.”

With this application, Placer mechanics will be able to access continually updated on-line parts books, direct from the OEM, to quickly source the right part and build a requisition for fulfillment by the purchasing department. “If the NRX e-solution helps our people save two hours a day in sourcing parts, then it has done its job for us,” said Hennessey.

A study by Gartner Group, of San Jose, California indicates that the blue-collar (industrial) MRO market is expected to grow to US$22 billion by 2003–at least twice as large as non-IT related, white-collar MRO expenditures.

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