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Steelcase reveals its secrets during PEMAC plant tour


February 14, 2001
By PEM Magazine

Attendees at November’s Steelcase WorkLife Toronto plant tour got the chance to experience something a little out of the ordinary. Nineteen PEMAC members and potential members listened as Regan Stewart, leader, facilities and technical services at Steelcase, introduced them to the company’s unique design philosophy.

Stewart told the group that Steelcase is experimenting with the new plant in Canada, and if it’s successful, the company might consider expanding this philosophy to the rest of its manufacturing facilities. The facility’s 700,000 square foot operation lets employees work in a variety of settings designed to address specific tasks. For example, employees can use private spaces while working on confidential tasks, team areas for spontaneous group interaction, and "touch-down" spaces with the ability to connect to the network. At the core of the facility is "The Hub" — a multi-purpose space used as a central gathering spot for the plant’s 700 employees.

After the tour of the facility, the group settled down to a hot buffet dinner and an entertaining presentation from Steelcase employees. Plenty of staff were on hand to answer any questions about the facility, and attendees had a chance to talk about the Steelcase philosophy first-hand. The event was sponsored by PEMAC’s Toronto Chapter