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Machinery protection system gets hazardous area approvals

Edmonton, AB - Metrix Instrument Company announced that ETL North American hazardous area approvals have been obtained for its Setpoint machinery protection system.

Edmonton, AB – Metrix Instrument Company announced that ETL North American hazardous area approvals have been obtained for its Setpoint machinery protection system.

ETL certification is obtained from Intertek and satisfies requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC) in the United States and the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) in Canada. The certification classifies the systems as non-incendive, allowing installation in both Division 2/Zone 2 hazardous areas and non-hazardous areas. It also allows the system’s sensors to be installed in a more restrictive Div 1/Zone 1/Zone 0 location when used with appropriate intrinsic safety barriers or isolators between the Setpoint system and its connected sensors.

ATEX (Europe) and IECEx (Global) approvals for the Setpoint system are currently pending and expected later in first quarter of 2013.  These approvals are also being coordinated by Intertek, an accredited CBTL (Certified Body Testing Laboratory) for ATEX and IECEx certification.

What is Setpoint?

The Setpoint system was first announced in October 2010 at the A&M turbomachinery show in Houston. It began shipping to customers in July 2011 and to date has been sold to customers in more than 40 countries.It features an industry-first integral touchscreen display with intuitive graphics inspired by Apple iTouch, iPod, and iPad portable devices. The system also eliminates the need for special power supplies by using the 24-V DC instrument power readily available in most plants, thereby reducing heat in the rack and improving reliability. It introduces innovative front-access wiring connections that make it considerably easier to install and service than rear-access systems. For retrofit applications, its footprint is sized to exactly fit the industry’s most commonly installed systems, ensuring existing cutouts and panels can be reused along with existing wiring.

The exclusive distributor for Metrix Instrument products in Canada is BHD Instrumentation, which for over 20 years, has been providing condition monitoring solutions, test equipment, instrumentation, field services, calibration, repair, and consulting. BHD has offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto.

Metrix Instrument Company, Houston, TX, is a supplier of machinery protection and condition monitoring products and services to industrial customers worldwide. Founded in 1965, it was the first company to offer vibration transmitters, allowing vibration to be more easily integrated with existing plant control and monitoring systems accepting process measurement inputs via industry-standard 4-20 mA signals. Today, Metrix does business in more than 50 countries worldwide and, in addition to vibration transmitters, offers a portfolio of vibration sensors, electronic and mechanical vibration switches, permanent monitoring systems, and associated field services for machinery diagnostics, system installation and maintenance, and training.

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