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MRO - June 2014


Instant Parts
3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, will soon transform maintenance and repair.

Tablet Power at the Worksite
Musselwhite gold mine electricians in northwestern Ontario are safer, thanks to information-packed tablet computers.

Microbes target toxic metals
Biological technology helps remove toxic metals from new wastewater plant at British Columbia coal mine.

Strategies for maintaining hydraulic systems
Here are four key steps to help you obtain the maximum service life, optimum efficiency and top consistency from your industrial hydraulic components.

A secret weapon in condition monitoring
Torque monitoring, combined with other condition and process monitoring methods, allows users to make the necessary corrections to ensure the smoother operation of machinery and avoid unexpected failures.

Sealing solutions for industrial bearings
How advanced isolators provide enhanced bearing protection.

The importance of support systems in maintenance
MAINTENANCE 101: Support systems - all the standard operating procedures, policies, training and documentation a person needs to perform a job - are essential for the success of both maintenance and operations.

Is lubrication data missing from your KPIs?
Few maintenance departments are taking advantage of key performance indicators for lubrication.

Nano-ceramic grease extends maintenance interval 6x
After switching to nano-ceramic food-grade grease, maintenance intervals on lift truck bearings were extended from seven days to six weeks.

Understanding ball screw lubrication
The right oil or grease lubrication for ball screw assemblies reduces unscheduled downtime for repair by ensuring the assemblies deliver their expected service life.