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The Classification and Characteristics of China Valves Actuator

February 10 - February 10, 2050
NO. 111, Caoli Road, Fengjing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, China.

According to the movement way of driving mechanism, the valve actuator can be classified into linear and rotary actuator.
In terms of the driving structure, the China valves actuator is divided into:

Manual drive Handle or hand wheel (including deceleration through intermediate gear)
Spring lever
Dynamic drive Electromagnetic type
Motor type
Pneumatic drive 1.Diaphragm type
2. Cylinder type
(1)Piston cylinder type
(2)Piston rack type
(3)Piston rod type
(4)Piston fork type
(5)Piston screw type
3. Vane type
4. Air injection engine type
5. Film and ratchet combined type
Hydraulic drive Hydraulic cylinder type
Hydraulic motor type
Linkage drive Electrohydraulic type

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