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An Introduction of Wafer Butterfly Check Valves

June 29 - June 29, 3000
Xinhai Industry Zone, Sanqiao, Oubei, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, P. R. China

A wafer China valves has the valve clack opened and closed automatically by the fluid of media for preventing backflow of media, which is also known as a backflow valve, non-return valve, reflux valve and pressure relief valve. With simple structures, this kind of valve can only be mounted on the horizontal pipe.


The wafer butterfly check valve is one kind of check valves, ideal for industrial pipes to prevent backflow of media. The valve is divided into three categories according to the operation mode of the valve clack: swing check valves (rotating around their centers of gravity), lift check valves (moving along with the axis), butterfly check valves (rotating around the valve’s center).


A check valve can run automatically to prevent the backflow of media, the inversion of pumps, the inversion of drive motors as well as the leak of media within the container. Moreover, the check valve is also used for the pipeline which may have an internal pressure higher than the pressure of the auxiliary pipeline.


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