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Track, store, analyze oil sample data with Trakka 3.4

Dingo has released Trakka 3.4, a web-based software system that allows Dingo’s condition-based asset management system to track, store and analyze oil sample data, resulting in early identification of maintenance issues.

The key functionality changes allow the user to more easily disseminate the information specifically pertinent to their area of interest or responsibility and also allow actions to be tracked in greater detail

There are also several enhancements which will allow the user to integrate Trakka with existing CMMS/ERP systems. It can assist the planning department as a second check to ensure service intervals are not being missed.

First released in 2005, Trakka is designed to allow seamless, electronic data flow from any oil analysis lab into the database for rapid turnaround time. Tailored, site specific alarm settings can be implemented for the entire enterprise, enabling spotting of trends and lubrication issues fleet-wide. Trakka also stores the user’s unique set of procedures that guide the detailed, corrective actions after they have been identified.

Trakka is currently used by eight of the largest mining companies in the world, with additional applications that have proven successful in wind turbine, rail, fixed plant and pipeline industries.

Colin Donnelly, Dingo’s director of engineering, said of this recent software release, "Release 3.4 enables Trakka users to focus on specific equipment they are responsible for or choose a higher level view, to see the condition of all assets within the organization. This makes it a powerful tool for a shop floor mechanic or the COO."